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The Ruby Hall Cancer Center, a state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic facility, stands tall in a prime area of Pune. The center is a super-specialty wing of the 560-bed general hospital, dedicated solely to the treatment of Cancer.

Cancer is a particularly depressive disease. Extensive research and studies have established beyond doubt that the ambience of a healthcare facility plays a larger-than-life role in the healing process of patients. As conceived, the Cancer Center meets the functional requirements of a high-tech medical facility, while creating a healing environment that is emotionally reassuring.

So much is spoken about the ambience and architecture of hospitals today as it is directly related to the healthcare equipments and technology that occupy it. The ever improving urban lifestyle now demands healthcare facilities to international standards. This facility raises the bar on hospital design in India. The soothing colors and materials such as glass and steel used in the building create an ambience that differs from the antiseptic feels usually attached to a hospital.

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