Ruby Hall Clinic | Wanowrie, Pune
Private Residence | Aundh , Pune


Carefully crafted spatial volumes, building forms, pleasing colors and textures that soothe the senses form the base of the project. For the in-patient wards, every bed to have a view of the outside; a minimum walking distance from the nurses station to the rooms allowing a sense of visual check; flexibility for the future so that any floor could be converted from wards to rooms and vice-versa are considered. The three-storey high atrium is enclosed with glazing suspended from steel bow girders, creating a distinctive luxury environment.

Unlike most stereotype hospitals, the center exudes the ambience of efficiency, excellence of service and a high level of sterility. The planning, design and final architectural expression in the healthcare project is reflective of the gradual shift in outlook of healthcare institutions from merely treating the sick to a concerted approach to harness healthy living.

Client: Ruby Hall Clinic