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Amar Renaissance is a high-end residential development located in Pune. This project is the only luxury apartment complex as of now in the area and has become a landmark and a trend setter in high end apartments.

The original site was covered by a coconut grove and an orchard. The concept of a semi-circular layout of buildings was a response to the coconut grove with the view to retain as many trees as possible. This has helped in a visual link of the complete expanse of the site by each apartment. Due to a semi-circular layout of high rise apartments encircling the low rise club; a focal point is created to the club house.

The complex comprises five buildings; each with a basement, stilt and 11 floors. Two apartments occupy each floor and vary in size between 320 and 420 square meters. Car parking is provided at the ground level and in the extensive basement at the rate of 3.5 cars per unit.

Two apartments per floor in a semi-circular layout give each apartment a view of club house on one side and of the landscape development and greenery on the other. Each apartment maintains its privacy as none of the buildings overlook each other.

Entrance to each building is through six storey high atrium lobby leading to the main lifts. Central core accommodates passenger lifts, service lift, garbage chute, fire hydrant riser, electric riser and a staircase.

Each apartment has a spacious living – dining, kitchen, 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, powder room, servant’s room and a drying balcony.

The club house has a gymnasium, multipurpose hall, health club, and changing rooms spread over two floors. Swimming pool with kid’s pool and Jacuzzi follows the curve of the club house and is visible from all areas in club house as well as from each apartment.

Architecture is contemporary with simple straight lines. Externally it is finished in white textured paint. Full height large openings to all rooms bring in ample light.

Ambience created is serene and peaceful.

Client: Amar Builders

Area: 45000 sq.m.