Casa Jewel | Mangaldas Road, Pune
Times of India Press | Airoli


The site being odd shaped does not lend itself well to the purpose. However the planning endeavors to make best use of the available space and resources.

The school is planned in two blocks bearing in mind the natural division in the site. The teaching block is about 7000, while the amenity block is about 2300

The row of trees in the centre forms an avenue/ jogging /racing track. The crossroad forms the main chowk and leads to both the blocks.

Owing to the site conditions the teaching block is planned in a linear manner with two clusters on each floor. A wide central street with a distinct character is flanked by class rooms on either side.

The multipurpose block has a semi open dining area along with the arts studios and a multipurpose hall with seating capacity of 500.

Client: Madhavi Kapur Foundation

Total area: 9300 sq.m.